Pinball Showdown - Game by Diane Sauer

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In Pinball Showdown players are the pinball steering into a wide array of playfield devices while trying to score combinations, activate Wizard Mode and become the highest scoring pinball. To do this they must maintain a critical balance between speed and control. Go too slow and it will limit what you can score and put you at risk for draining, but go too fast and you may lose control! May the best pinball win!

Experience pinball from the pinball's point of view. Score playfield devices, collide with other pinballs and score those sweet combos for bonuses. It's not as easy as it looks!

During Pinball Showdown players compete to score playfield devices by using their limited supply of control to direct their pinball but, players also have to consider their pinball's speed as each device has minimum speed requirement needed to score it. Players have only 20 tokens which represent both control and speed flipping back and forth between the two. On top of all that, players are trying to outmaneuver each other in order to score sweet combination bonuses and time things so that when Wizard 

Mode kicks in they are poised to score the most valuable playfield devices.

2-4 Players / Ages 12+ / 30 minute play time

How to Play

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